You Can Change How Art Buying Decisions Evolve

Art Buying Decisions Are Carefully Considered

You know this from experience. Art doesn’t sell itself. Original artwork is rarely a spontaneous purchase. That’s because it requires discretionary income. It is something the buyer will own for a very long time. Most often involves spouse/partner approval. Moreover, it will be on display as a constant reminder to the buyer.

There is more to it than that. Some people are skittish about making decisions that affect the design motif of the home or office where the art will be on display. They may lack confidence or knowledge to feel comfortable in the process. Here’s a post about why people don’t buy art.

Digging into How the Process Works Is Helps You Sell More Art

Successful art sales require an understanding of how buyers decide to buy art. Experience shows art is rarely purchased spontaneously. To remain in control, and sell all your art, you must sell through your contact and client list. Understanding a buyer’s progression to purchase art is necessary to succeed. A sale happens when a buyer ascends through a series of awareness, emotion, and logic to the buying decision. Keep listening to learn how this works.

You Need to Know the Five Levels of Customer Awareness

Understanding the buyer progression to purchase art starts with Eugene Schwartz’s Five Levels of Customer Awareness as outlined in his 1960 classic business book, Breakthrough Advertising.

New "Blueprint for Art Business Success" book with bonus "Self-Empowerment Journal for Artists"
New “Blueprint for Art Business Success” book with bonus “Self-Empowerment Journal for Artists”Blueprint for Art Business Success
  1. Level One is UNAWARE. The buyer does not yet recognize a need, problem, or desire.
  2. Level Two is PROBLEM/NEED/DESIRE AWARE. The buyer awakens to a design need or desire for involvement in the art community.
  3. Level Three is SOLUTION AWARE. The buyer realizes that acquiring art will fill the need or complete the desire.
  4. Level Four is PRODUCT AWARE. The buyer recognizes you and your art as a potential source to satisfy her need or desire.
  5. Level Five is MOST AWARE. The buyer is ready to make a purchase decision

How to Own the Outcome and Make More Sales

The more you can control the decision-making process; the higher your odds are that a buyer will decide to buy artwork from you when they perceive the need and are ready to act on it.

The Art Buyer’s Decision Tree Includes Levels of Intimacy and the AIDA Continuum

The decision tree also moves through the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST levels of intimacy, and AIDA buyer’s continuum, as you will see.

In the sales process, you and your buyer will simultaneously begin to move through KNOW, LIKE & TRUST levels of intimacy.

The Know level of intimacy begins at the PRODUCT AWARE stage.

Buyers ascend through the LIKE to the TRUST stage at the MOST AWARE level.

Free Art Business Checklist Download
Free Art Business Checklist Download

How the AIDA Continuum Plays a Part in the Process

AIDA continuum The AIDA continuum figures into the equation. It kicks in at the PRODUCT AWARE stage. AIDA is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action

Sales happen when a buyer crosses from the MOST AWARE level to take ACTION in the AIDA Continuum

Art Sales Success Starts with Your Awareness

I’m sure you see the connections and overlap between the Five Levels of Customer Awareness, Levels of Intimacy, and the AIDA Continuum. While they share similarities, each is unique in its own way. Your awareness of these factors and how they influence a buyer’s decision, and how the effect the timing involved in making sales is critical to your ongoing success.

When Wisdom Feels Like Magic

If these concepts sound complicated, please know they are not. All you are learning are the levels of buyer awareness and how they correlate with the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST levels of intimacy, and the AIDA Continuum.

Free Art Business Checklist Download
Free Art Business Checklist Download

Because you are now aware of these buyer levels of progression towards sales, the result is you’ll start to recognize them in your relationships with potential buyers.

Such keen insight helps you to know what to say and ask in selling and marketing. It will help you to feel calm and confident in the process of working up to asking for the order.

Confidence Is Contagious. When You Show It Others Respond to It, Positively!

As you gain experience and your confidence grows, it adds another layer of allure to the process of buying art from you. When you perceive this is happening, it’s sure to feel a little like magic. It’s the beginning of a virtuous circle where things keep getting better for you.

While you won’t learn magic when you join the Art Marketing Toolkit, you will get the training to start making steady sales without a big list or fancy tools.

As you begin to get the rhythm of it going, no one would blame you for feeling like such success has a bit of magic in it.

Success, as you define it, is our goal. It’s your time to shine, and we’re here to help you make it happen.

The evergreen methods you learn in Art Marketing Toolkit,will set you up to sell art now and in the future.


Free Art Business Checklist Download
Free Art Business Checklist Download


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  • Ramesh Halari says:

    I am graphic designer ,painter,photographer ,caligrapher and prforming artist interest in marketing my skills

    • Customers are the lifeblood of all businesses. Trying to find them for your many talents at the same time is not practical. Pick one and focus on making it profitable. You can always keep your skills sharp in other areas and return to them later. The best advice I have is to start here Art Marketing 101 Good luck with your endeavors.

  • Thanks for pointing out that it is best to understand that consumers on what they want to buy. I would love that from the artists because I am actually looking for artwork for my home this year. Hopefully, I find an artist that has artwork about father and sons because it will honor the dad of my husband who passed away the last year.

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