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How to Improve Your Writing and Your Career

Marketing automation for artists easy expert help

Marketing automation for artists easy expert one-on-one assistance

Writing Is a Learned Skill — Making Improvements Is Easier Than You Imagine.

Artists who communicate well with words generally do better in their careers. Successful visual arts understand that communicating in writing is necessary. How well you connect with collectors, galleries, curators and critics makes a profound effect on your career.

It’s simple:  To do better, write better.

Just as with all talent and in life, the distribution of writing skills among visual artists is not equal. In nearly 30 years of career and art marketing consulting with artists, I have seen the gamut from artists who are eloquent and to whom words come easily to those for whom writing is a dreaded chore.

The good news is it’s easier to get better at writing than you think.

Writing about your artwork is an inescapable part of your job. Whether you like it or not, writing is an integral part of getting your art to market. If you are making art with the intention of selling it, writing about your art is an undeniably important factor. Fortunately, there is help.

I am writing this post to introduce you to Vicki Krohn Ambrose. If you don’t know her already, you are going to find her to be your new best friend when it comes to finding easy ways to polish your copy. Whether you are already a proficient writer, or one who struggles, you will find what she offers instructive, helpful, and easy-to-use.

Once in a while, someone comes up with a killer app. That’s this book!

I have read many books on writing, including how to write for artists, but I’ve never found anything as useful for artists as Art-Write: The Writing Guide for Visual Artists.

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Art-Write-Cover-307Vicki is an artist herself. From her experience, she gives artists practical steps they can use to write about their own artwork. This is a compact book that is easy to read. You will find it full of actionable advice on how to:

• Write promotional and sales copy.
• Write your artist statement.
• Understand the difference between an artist statement and a bio.
• Become a more effective communicator.
• Cut out the “art speak” and effectively connect with your viewers

You will love this book because it delivers on its promise.

It teaches you how to write about your art in easily mastered steps. A big hurdle for most artists is not clarifying their intentions and thoughts before they before they commit to writing. The well-planned and easily executed exercises help you avoid those problems.

The best how-to books break down the aspects of the tasks the reader needs to learn and accomplish. This book adeptly points out and differentiates the types of writing visual artists need to do. It goes on then to provide excellent tools get those tasks done.

Writing universally impacts your career.

When artists seek to tap the multitude of opportunities available to them, including funding, grants, exhibitions, juried shows, gallery inquiries, collector communications, websites, blogs, and more, they greatly enhance their chances of success when they write clearly and cohesively.

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This blurb on says it all:

Art-Write offers succinct advice to artists to help them enrich their visual work with effective writing that connects with the reader.  Author Vicki Krohn Amorose combines the sensibility of an artist with the practicality of a copywriter, offering an understanding of her readers along with generous wit and encouragement.

Enjoy this excerpt!

CLICK HERE to read or download a PDF of the “The Handshake” chapter from the book

Get this book and get started improving your writing!

The author has priced this book to make it affordable for all artists. Get it on Amazon for $9.99 in paperback, or only $4.99 in Kindle. Did you know you don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle books? You can download a Free Kindle Reader App for your phone, tablet or computer.


Marketing Automation for Artists

Friendly, helpful expert hands-on guidance & training

Marketing automation for artists easy expert help

Marketing automation for artists easy expert one-on-one guidance and training

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